Through poses, breathing and meditation we will achieve a quiet mind and a strong, flexible, harmonious body. This practice will change your life. In Dynamic Yoga we constantly flow from pose to pose, emphasizing breathing, control and smoothness. For all levels! Modality: private classes, group classes, in corporations and corporate events.

Health Coaching

Health and Lifestyle Coaching is an individual 3-month program in which we work together on individual goals, including learning on nutrition and all the emotional support that someone passionate, like Luana, can provide you to feel better inside your own body. As a result you will look and feel radiant! Modality: only individual sessions. Meetings are carried out through Skype, no matter where you are.

Healthy Cooking

As an expert in Healthy Cooking for Busy People, Luana inspires and teaches you how it’s absolutely POSSIBLE to prepare healthy and delicious fast food. Modality: private classes, group classes, in corporations and corporate events.

Corporate Wellness Program

LuanaLiving wellness programs integrate body, mind and soul, emphasizing the whole person. Our programs are based in motivational conferences, yoga practices and healthy eating, hand in hand with stress management. The Corporate Wellness Program LuanaLiving will leave each member of the organization feeling motivated, flowing with greater energy, less stressed, and with a clearer and more creative mind. LuanaLiving Wellness Programs are destined for leaders, professionals and employees who want to take their business to the next level of consciousness and wellness, achieving amazing results in the process.
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  • Wellness day program
  • LuanaLiving Motivational Conference
  • Healthy Eating for Busy People
  • Yoga for stressed people.
  • Individual Coaching for Executives.


Each of these programs includes a variety of alternative topics to be covered, to be chosen by each company according to their specific needs.

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