My path

For the past 18 years, I’m 31 years old, I have been exploring and sharing a lifestyle which includes nutrition, movement and spirituality. I know how it feels to be in balance and completely out of it. I also know that this path is unique and different for each person, because each of us is unique and different.

My passion is to support each person to find the “best version” of themselves combining yoga, nutrition and lifestyle. In this way we align body, mind and spirit. I share my lifestyle individually and through media: TV shows, radio, magazines and blogs. I have lived, studied and worked in Argentina, Denmark, Mexico and Miami. As an extension of my passion and my willingness to Give, with the help of an extraordinary group of teachers I have founded ‘One Yoga Foundation’(, which is a non-profit organization, based in Miami, U.S.A. One Yoga Foundation ́s mission is to make yoga available to everyone.

As part of the foundation ́s special programs, I co-authored a Yoga for the Blind CD which is a sequence of Yoga with the purpose of improving the balance, flexibility and strength of the people with a visual disability. I also created and developed ‘Yoguilates by Luana Hervier ́ in Mexico and Miami. This is a mixture between Yoga, Pilates and Luana. I have worked and shared my philosophy on TV in UTILISIMA channel (Fox International channels), Univison (USA), Telemundo (USA), CNN ESPAÑOL and Channel 24 (Argentina). I participated as Wellness columnist in CaboMil, Los Cabos Radio. Presently, I host an online radio show called ‘Luana Living’, previously called ‘Naturally with Luana’. In addition, I have been interviewed and a columnist in The Miami Herald (Miami), AM Querétaro (Mexico), Clarín Newspaper (Argentina), Sobe Fit Magazine (Miami), Medical and Health Cabo (Mexico), Ohlala (Argentina), among others. As a recognition to my social work, I was honoured in Miami to be one of the Lululemon Athletica ́s ambassadors.

I was also the spokesperson for Admit One, Argentinian sports bran. After travelling, learning and teaching around the world, I returned to Argentina where I work in media for Latin America besides teaching Yoga and being a Health Coach. I’m available to coach worldwide in Spanish, English and Portuguese through skype from Buenos Aires. Today, I am blessed to be the host of the TV Show ‘Cuerpo en Armonia’ in Mas Chic Network (AMC NETWORKS) that airs in more than 20 countries. I am the author of the blog #WellnessUrbano, published by Infobae and I am a columnist of Do you want to know my latest news? My book is about to be published soon! You probably have noticed, I am an endless explorer, creator and dreamer. Now, I invite you to explore together with me the best version of yourself. Cheers! Luana