From the time I was 12…

My everyday life has always been about: healthy eating, movement and a lifestyle that embraces nature and spirituality.I was always clear about my passion: to explore and to share a healthy way of life, which is why I have studied what excites me and I have also developed it professionally. I’m committed to create a more loving world through the spreading of techniques that can help each of us to feel healthier, vibrant and at peace. Today, I reach many homes through my coaching, my classes, and my radio and TV shows. was born from the need of sharing and spreading my message to even more people, wherever they are. In this website you will find tools to live and enjoy a healthy and fun life that is also sustainable over time. ¡A whole lifestyle!Certainly, by adding these practices into your life, you will feel inspired, happier and at peace. And the most important plus: ¡You will look radiant!Thank you for letting me into your life!Luana.

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